Makeup Artist-MakeUp/Airbrush MakeUp & Hairstyles-Eyebrow Desig -Hair & MakeUp for Editorial/Print/Photoshoots/Productions.

As a Beauty Artist, I work with Makeup and Hairstyle and my experiences include publicity campaigns, editorials, fashion catalogues, brides and graduating students.

I work professionally with Makeup since 2011. During my career, I have developed the ability also with Hairstyle as much as my love for it. In 2014, in partnership with Angélica Fagundes, we ideate and opened a space specialized in Hairstyle and Makeup, doing several works for fashion catalogues, photo shoots and having as our main target market brides and graduating students.

In 2017, I left Brazil and I am living with my husband, also Brazilian, in Austria. A Country that enchants and makes me love it more and more everyday.

It is not only the Artistic aspect of this work, that I love, but also my Clients, to understand their needs and being able to provide each one of them a smile in the end of each work is what motivates me.

Being part of unique and special moments in each person’s life is really gratifying and gives a lot of purpose to my profession.

To see the joy in each Client’s face, as they feel prettier, seeing their dream become true, that is what a Beauty Artist career is all about: to enhance the beauty that already exists in each one of us!

Education: Visagism in Makeup, by Beauty Up; Technique Makeup Airbrush, by Silvana Machado MakeUp Artist; PHD in Hairstyles, by Paulo Persil Hairstylist; Hairstyles Brides, by Joana D`arc Hairstylist; Certificate Eyebrows Design and Facial Hair Removal, Threading Technique; Certificate Eyelash Extensions ; Diverse training in the area of beauty, taught by international brands represented in Brazil.


Wiener Neustadt, 2700 - Austria

Tel./WhatsApp: +43 (0) 660 3920157


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Vienna, Austria

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt.